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A Natural Strategy for Whitening Teeth at Home

When it comes to teeth whitening at home, various strategies are available with different levels of effectiveness. To find out more about some of these methods, click here to learn more. Not everyone wants to begin with commercial products for whitening, such as trays and strips. They may be looking for a more natural process. Commercial products tend to be more effective since they generally involve bleaching the teeth with a safe substance, such as hydrogen peroxide of a specific strength.

Discoloration of enamel becomes common as people age, due to consumption over the years of foods and beverages that gradually stain teeth. A dentist or dental hygienist can remove some of the staining during the polishing process that comes after tartar removal, but the teeth still aren't likely to be as bright and white as they were when the patient was a teenager or a young adult.

One method you might try to Whiten your teeth at home is to use activated charcoal. This probably sounds a bit crazy, since the substance is black, just like the charcoal used in barbecue grills. It does not cause any stains on teeth, however, and it is effective at removing existing stains. Blending it with a small amount of water forms a paste. The black paste actually binds with plaque on the teeth as well as with stains caused by sources such as coffee, red wine and cranberry juice. When you remove the paste, it takes much of the plaque and stains along with it.

It should not be scrubbed on the teeth, since activated charcoal is abrasive, and scrubbing with it is hard on enamel. In fact, this is a common problem when people use abrasive whiteners such as toothpastes with microbeads. Some of these individuals brush vigorously with the paste and wind up doing more harm than good. There may be some temporary whitening, but wearing away the enamel over time makes teeth look yellower because the dentin under the enamel becomes more obvious.

Activated charcoal is available in stores that sell natural toothpaste and other natural hygiene and cosmetic products. Since this natural substance is not a bleaching process, it may not provide the remarkable results that commercial products can. Nevertheless, many people are surprised at how effective it is and how much better their teeth look after using it. Other strategies for rejuvenating your smile can be found at www.TeethWhiteningAtHomeTips.com. Enjoy the chance to learn more at this site and take steps to improve the appearance of your teeth.